Rahul Narayanan

You, Me and Us

A healthy couple loves to spend time together, but also knows how to respect each other's boundaries. They are essential to self-care and even more essential to relationship-care. Understanding a partner's boundaries and one's own, can help build a better understanding of what's important - Us. In the pandemic-hit world of today, anxiety and stress are major strains on our mental health. In addition to the demanding nature of the work-from home culture and the negativity portrayed in social media, the virus has us clutching at straws. This is why it is paramount that we take the opportunity given to us and engage in quality time with our loved ones. We can cook together, watch a movie, or snuggle and talk about random things. But it is equally important to have a judicious mix of "me-time" and "we-time" to maintain harmony in the homefront.
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