American Flag Remix

On this 4th of July, as we proclaim our independence and the nation waves its flag in pride and patriotism, there are many that feel left out of the narrative, and for whom this is not a moment of celebration.  There are many who do not feel free in the home of the brave, a home that is theirs too. Inspired by new visions of “Old Glory” like Nacho Becera’s Serape Flag, Gregg Deal's "Indigenous Flags," and Nadeem Haidary’s information-driven flags, we are launching an open call to redesign the stars and stripes. How would you imagine the American flag in a way that’s inclusive of your community, represents your story, and your ideals?  This could be a flag for just your community, or one that truly encompasses us all. Deadline August 31st.

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Meet the Amplifier team. At Amplifier, our goal is to reclaim and rebuild an American identity rooted in equality, dignity, diversity, truth, and beauty.  We believe that each piece of art we help create and distribute with our partners has the ability to be a compass that leads us away from the chaos and negativity of this polarizing time towards a more UNITED States of America.

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Quantity: You can submit up to three artworks
Size: All artworks must be created in a horizontal 3:5 ratio (if you are using analog materials to make your flag please use a ruler to achieve these dimensions 6×10”, 9×15”, 12×20,”etc) or if you are creating on a computer please begin with this ratio preset)
Format: 150 DPI no more than 2mb – JPEG or PNG (no PDF) please note we will ask for high-resolution files from selected artists

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