Hear Our Voice

The results of the 2016 election devastated communities across the United States -- but it sparked a fire in thousands of people to make their voices heard. HEAR OUR VOICE was a nationwide public call for art by female-identifying artists for the iconic Women’s March on Washington. In just eight days, 5,000+ submissions were submitted. All of the pieces advocate for the rights of women, immigrants, black and brown and queer communities, people native to the land, and the earth itself.

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Guest Curators

Five graphics were selected for mass distribution at the march by a panel of curators including, Carmen Perez and Paola Mendoza from the leadership of the Women’s March on Washington, Cleo Barnett from Amplifier, and artists Swoon, Jess X Snow and Favianna Rodriguez. The selection process was committed to ensuring the artwork reflected women and femme, expressive people of all backgrounds and from across the U.S.

Curators' Picks

Over one hundred artworks submitted to the Women’s March open call were curated for a nationally touring exhibition titled HEAR OUR VOICE. Each piece of art has a story, each artist had an intention, and together they continue to inspire and galvanize women’s rights activists.