Miguel Pinedo

A Dream That Comes True

This is a picture of my great grandparents and they went through a difficult time in their lives. They were people that wanted to come to the United States legally but instead they had to cross over the broader and wanted to find a good job. My great grandfather would come to the U.S and work as a farmer. He would go back and forth between Mexico and the U.S and he would work as a farmer and picked chili’s and cotton. He quit his job at the age of 70 because he had an accident. My great grandmother would stay in Mexico and take care of her children. My great grandparents got their immagration reform in the 1980s. This story is an example that my great grandparents wanted a dream and made that dream come true. Many people want to come to the U.S and have a better a life and have a better job. This is why I want people that live in Mexico have a immigration reform.
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