Joao Gil

All Safe — USA

This poster is a 'Columbus egg'. Focusing as much on the 'should' as on the 'shouldn't' and aware of worldwide sensibilities, political opportunism and the difficulties of localisation, this proposal thrives for its simplicity. Instead of proposing a single design, I propose a design that is entirely made for localisation. The posters are made to have the same layout world-wide but appealing to the audience on a national-level, making the local a part of the bigger whole. All my artwork submissions are examples of the same poster that can easily be localised to any region, simply by replacing the text to each region and the gradient to colours in the flag of each respective country. In this example you can see the design for the USA. By being easily localised, the message sent through is preserved, dodging the difficulties of any worldwide design, in which colours, skin tones, line textures and even body language can be perceived very differently from the original meaning of the design that could otherwise hinder the programme. Additionally, it dodges political connotations and is suitable across the political spectrum, focusing instead on an abstract messaging such as national identity and patriotism. A form of unity to prevent any further COVID-19 deaths. All the posters are the same, yet all of them bear different colours and languages, reinforcing the global mission and the local, national, efforts. Lastly the design combines a 'fresh' jovial element to it, highly dynamic, almost like a sports brand, removing the pressure away from the medical apparatus, pointing towards the vial, almost as ubiquitous (and harmless) as a soda can. The messaging again its not about the vaccine (nor the needle!) or which vaccine, but about getting your vial-dose, for your country and for the world. It is important to note that the older generation is being currently vaccinated along with health professionals, with greater resistance across a younger demographic, the target audience for this type of aesthetics, choosing a positive, sleek and 'cool' tone, for the decisive push of the vaccination programme. Lastly the poster combines a digital element -in the gradients - yet at closer look reminding us of something analogue with the noise-textures making it simultaneously futuristic and nostalgic. An instant classic? — Technical Details: The file is a layered PSD file, that can be pre-made or distributed for translation, in which the text and the gradients can be easily replaced without much need for any further design. Additionally it can be used in almost any aspect ratio, and size, without loosing technical quality or messaging impact.
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