Jess Perry-Martin

Am I Safe Alone?

The pursuit I chose is the pursuit of women's safety. I chose this because this topic means a lot to me as a woman. I can't go on walks alone or even to the store close by without the fear of something happening to me. This upsets me a lot since women shouldn't worry about what will happen to them because of what they are wearing, body type, or just being alone giving some people a sense it's ok to say things. This has happened to me even though I am just 14 I’ve gotten a catcall and looked at it inappropriately. It hurts that this can happen to any girl at any age. What I want these photos to say to the world is that women aren’t objects, women should have all the respect from men and be able to go places by themselves freely without being scared that someone will say something to them., The photos chosen are the women in my family that mean a lot to me and they have been through this problem as well. Putting them as the main image, I feel like it is something personal but has character. Also, these women are strong women who don’t depend on men but more on themselves. I chose the text since it had little words with a lot of meaning Posting pictures like the one I made is taking a step of action because we are spreading the word of making sure women feel safe and if you see someone making women uncomfortable or scaring them to step in and help.
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