Trey Clayton


I'm in pursuit of agreement and unity. Throughout all of 2020, America has been filled to the brim with contention, division, and disagreement. This is not to say that disagreement is inherently bad, but if the disagreement isn't paired with compromise and understanding it becomes a complete waste of time and energy. I've grown tired of seeing my fellow Americans disagreeing without actually listening to each other. Instead of having a civil debate to settle our disagreements, lately we practically just reduce ourselves to our primal forms; we become beings who basically just have screaming contests, and aren't capable of expressing themselves or understanding others properly. We behave like apes. This is why I say to "Disagree to Disagree". It's time we put an end to our yelling and arguing, and start coming to real understandings and compromises. We need to have some unity and agreement, before the division drives us all apart.
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