Oliver Clark

At what cost

I chose this photo because it has nature, society, the Sun, atmosphere, and much more. I could talk about how beautiful nature is there and that we had to destroy it to make this city. I could talk about the climate, we see the sun shining on what could be smog. So on for more topics. It is insane how much of nature we destroy on Earth, from how much we have to build our structures, to how much we are destroying now, such as the Amazon rainforest for example, and across the globe. It is also crazy that we have been poisoning our planet for decades, and we haven’t stopped doing it! We have a lot to do to stop people from destroying Earth. From destroying the forests and plants, our and others source of oxygen. To all of our emissions destroying the atmosphere and killing us. This also ties into the money, profit, or power over people. People don’t even care about their own lives, if it means that they can make money. So we need to do more than our best to cut our emissions, waste, and destruction of Earth.
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