Laurie doran

Be Your Light

Student: Nina Lin I am in pursuit of Mental health. Our mental health is really important because it can not only affect how we feel, but also affect how we perform in our daily lives. Depending on what mental state you are in it can affect the way you do things or if you do anything at all. When you’re mentally exhausted it feels very different from being physically exhausted, because it can feel like you’ll forever feel tired even first thing in the morning. Everyone has responsibilities and things they care about, we need to focus on our mental health in order stay in healthy state of mind. For example being depressed can really drag you away from the opportunities in your life, causing you to not do anything and miss out on so many things you could be doing instead of being sad. Not that being sad is a bad thing, but it can’t be something you are feeling everyday. We all have emotions, some show more than others but we all need self care days. To be kind to not only others but ourselves.
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