Nare Mnatsakanyan


My project is about immigration like my quote said why should borders stop success because there is lot of people who can’t come to the us cause they weren't born here but if they were able to come in the us there would be a lot of them that would be so successful and support their families but just cause there not from here they can't cross the border and come get success cause there is a lot of immigrants that try to come to the us just for a better life for their kids and family there always getting sent back to where they were coming from or even split from the family's and they been kept in facilities like if they were in jail and it's not right like we are all human don't know why other are treated differently just because there skin color is not the same or cause they speak another language. I feel like everybody should be able to go in and out of any country they want and also be treated the same. I think borders should not be a thing cause they just stop us from doing what we want and it is not right am agents borders. Student: Jose Villagra
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