Jess Perry-Martin


I am in the Pursuit of Childhood. The reason behind this is the fact that we most of the time don't even remember when we are experiencing childhood until it is far gone. The message in my art is that childhood is such a thing that most people hold dear. It is something that shapes us into who we grow up to be. The picture of me and my mother represents a time when my childhood was really good at the time I didn't know that it would be over so soon. At only 17 it feels like that picture was taken decades ago. My mother in that picture also didn’t know that we would be so drastically different in a few years both of our smiles would slowly fade but we would still always be together. What I hope people will take from this artwork is to cherish childhood and how today people tend to either rush kids through childhood or try to keep them stuck in that point in time for as long as they can. Life was so simple years ago and then we understand how the world worked and loss photos and memories become things we hold onto for life.
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