Zachary Morrison-Ruiz

Children Free to Be Children

In Sudan, kids as young as 5 years old work in mines; in India, 50,000 kids are employed in textile factories, and even some children in the U.S. spend 60 hours a week in tobacco fields. Millions of children around the world are forced into child labor, subject to violence, and face numerous violations of their rights at the expense of their bodies and minds. This is not how children should be treated. Children should be allowed to enjoy the outdoors without working hours in fields. No child should spend the day wiping mine residue from their hands. Instead, they should be washing paint from their fingertips or cleaning a camera lens. They deserve to sit behind desks, not factory tables and machinery. Children are our future, and yet the world often exploits them. It is our responsibility, as a people, to work towards bringing these kids hope for the future again. We should not stand witness to the cruelty millions of children face around the world and not take action. With each purchase we make, we should take the time to find out who made the product and ask ourselves if the laborer has the childhood they deserve. Think about the childhood they have right now and what childhood should be.
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