Leni Schneider

Don’t cash in for fast fashion

This image shows how fast fashion is a brutal, terrible industry. Fast fashion is basically defined as a highly profitable industry that can quickly and cheaply produce clothing to be sold. When trends are created, people want to buy clothing items to be a part of them before they are over. So, they turn to companies like Fashion Nova and Shein to buy trendy clothing for ultra cheap prices. But do those customers ever wonder how that dress, for instance, could possibly be $4.99? That is made possible due to the cheap fabric and minimum-or-lower wage workers. Those workers get paid as little as 33 US cents per hour. That means that to make $1000, they would have to work for more than 3000 hours. If they work 12 hour days, seven days a week, it would take them about 250 days to earn that money, meaning they would have to live on $120 per month for all costs. That is less than a 20th of what most Americans make and live off of for a month. It is estimated that less than 2% of garment workers make a living wage. That needs to change. We need to stop supporting fast fashion companies and instead start buying items from small businesses, thrift stores, and transparent businesses that are honest about their labor conditions and wages.
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