alejandra germann

Embrace You

My artwork is about being in pursuit of self-love. I chose this theme because there are people who struggle with self-love. Society has created standards that harm both men and women. People have insecurities and it can be hard to be confident in oneself if there are others who aren’t as accepting of them. Luckily, people have been more open and more comfortable with their bodies which encourage others to feel confident and comfortable. I chose this theme because everyone should be reminded that self-love is that everyone deserves and should have. My artwork represents what I am in pursuit of by having a picture of Aachal put hands on her face with text saying “Embrace Yourself”. I would like viewers of my artwork to know that I try my best to advocate for self-love and I do this because everybody is worthy of having it. Although there are hardships in life that can test someone’s self-love, instead of focusing on the stuff that is “wrong” you, you should focus on how strong you are. When people see my artwork, they will think about self-love and maybe reflect on how they have been treating themselves.
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