Alexandra pulido


I choose this photo because of the deep meaning it has. With or without the word “Equality” on it. When you first look at the photo you see a person standing with a bunch of colors surrounding her and on her face. This photo talks about equality in many ways. Think of it this way. All the bright colors are different ethnicities. The subject. Well, the subject is going to be a human being. With all the different ethnicities surrounding her and on her face she is still a human. No matter what color was on her skin she will always be a human being. She can have white skin and still be a human being. She can have tan skin, black skin, green skin, red skin, etc. Yet still, be a human being. Like in this photo just because she has purple on her skin doesn't mean she isn't human. We shouldn't treat her any less or any more than other people because of the color of her skin. Color is just a color it shouldn't define a person or stop a person from doing what they love doing. Everyone's the same just because you have darker skin or lighter skin doesn't mean people should define you a certain way. Treat everyone equally because at the end of the day we are all human beings.
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