Aleia Ali

Family comes first

This image represents family and sharing memories and family history with your loved ones. I am in pursuit of cherishing every moment that I have with my family, they are all I’ve got and I don’t know what I would do without them. Me, being alive and well, having a roof over my head, a lot of this my family and I owe to my Grandma. She worked so hard, everyday for hours and hours to provide for her family, her kids, which made my existence possible. She always tells me to value the time that I have with my family. I’ve seen so many pictures of my Grandma and my Grandpa and my mom and my Tias and Tios and they all look so happy, spending quality family time with each other. I’m very happy to be able to have gotten a glimpse of what it might of been like if I were there with them but I’m also happy to be living in the now and spending time with them now. I am so grateful for my family. I live in a multicultural family and it is great, this gives me so many opportunities, to be bilingual, learn about two very different cultures, hold on to different traditions, consume two different sides of family and cultural history and much more. On another topic, I’m in pursuit of being able to get my family everything they want and need when I’m older, I want them to be happy and never have to worry about anything like having some mode of transportation, or taxes(whatever those are…) I want them to live a stress free life for the most part, I love my family so much and only want the best for them.
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