Gemma Macht

Fast Food

I chose to make a poster about health. The picture to the right is a fast-food burger place. Many Americans eat fast food for a diet, eating fast food as a diet ends up being to your body size being obese. Obesity is a health choice, I say this because anyone has the choice to eat healthier. But it is one's choice to eat unhealthily. I believe that there is a problem with Fast food, fast food places are selling their menu items for cheap so they can have more customers which ends up being more money, but healthy places like a salad place end up being around fifteen dollars a bowl. The unhealthy food costs less, but the healthy food costs more, In my opinion, they should switch. That way people get to eat healthy for less money and on occasions they can maybe have one or two unhealthy meals. One heart one body means, you only have one chance to live so no regrets. It's your choice to become obese and eat unhealthy so later in life if someone gets obese and unhealthy that's their fault. They have to work harder to eat healthily and lose weight. One heart, one body, so live it, but don’t regret it.
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