Lili White


MY new take of the AMERICAN was pasteled on top of a shooting target. What is America's destination?: to be victims or participants in our society? Our country is/was upheld whether during war or piece, through the countless casualties and sacrifices of many in building our nation. I used the traditional RED& WHITE stripes in the field where stars usually go. The stars now play across the whole field and the new stripes cook the old red and blue into purple, its cousin color of lavender, and I added green to refer to our relationship to the Natural world. America's National Parks are like none other in the world in scale, and diversity. This is a homage of our stewardship of our Nation's land. My shooting range silhouette target works, and their subsequent limited edition prints, derive from society’s concerns. They present surreal states of actuality that reflect a collective dreamscape that belongs to us all. My work is intended to act as catalyst for discussion — as opposed to suggesting violence.
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