Paulina Sanchez

“Go back to Mexico”

“Go back to Mexico” hurts when I hear these words because I was born there and it makes me feel like I’m less to the world. The ice cream seller may look innocent until you know the story behind it. Immigrants from Mexico pay for something called “El Coyote” this is when someone they happen to know that lives in LA can pay for them to come to LA but it isn’t free. Among all the Latinos you see working as fruit , ice cream, and elotero sellers they all have one thing in common and it’s that they all work to pay el coyote. It’s the ice cream sellers that it’s most common. Sometimes it may take son after son after son for them to pay el coyote because they also need to pay for necessities that they need. This isn’t fair because it’s carrying a burden to the next generation of family and it should be that they can come here without worrying about owing someone. They aren’t The only ones who have to carry a burden immigrants that came here as children have a lot to worry about as they grow up for example they don’t have a covered medical care or get a full scholarship they also don’t get help with food if their parents don’t get enough pay. Illegal immigrants have to have daca to be able to go to college to study in LA. We shouldnt be phrased as illegal when this is just land that we should all be able to step foot in freely.
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