Emily Reichenstein

Hotel California by Anastasia Manvelyan

When people think of California, or more specifically Los Angeles, people have this disillusioned, white washed Hollywood industry, surfer hippy image of it. It’s wrong. As much as I love LA, the facts remain that the homeless problem, the unfair and unregulated housing, is simply out of hand. With masses of people living on the streets of LA in tents, roaming the streets, and crowding the sidewalks is basically a hotel at this point. The song ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles is catchy, and although has nothing to do with the statement I am making, holds the disillusionment I am talking about along with ‘California Dreaming’. California, more specifically, LA. is not a happy place. Living is unaffordable, more and more people are being evicted and forced to live on the streets, and the sidewalks are overrun by homeless people. Welcome to the Hotel California, not such a lovely place now, is it? -Anastasia Manvelyan
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