Oliver Clark

Imagine All The People

I chose this image because I saw this near the location of the first picture. It was really sad and depressing with everything there and the merry Christmas sign. It really moved me, and I thought of the song Imagine. I really love that song, and seeing this does make me wonder. It makes me imagine what it's like from what it could be, what we should be striving to be. It is also hard to believe that all of this poverty and homelessness is going on right next to my home. That is one reason why it is so sad and depressing, that people here are poor and homeless. It is also horrible that we may get to enjoy the holidays with close family members, and decorate, tell stories, etc. But people on the streets aren’t so lucky. So we need to appreciate all the things that we have on this Earth, because our world is too precious to be taken for granted.
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