Natalia Canela

Immigrants Make America Great

Immigrants from all over the world have contributed to making American great. For instance the sculptor of the statue of liberty was designed by a french artist. In the early 1900’s Italians, Chinese, and Mexicans filled different parts of the United States with cultural experiences that enhanced the economy for the United states. Some of these cultural enhancements include the food, fashion and architecture industry. The United states of America is rich in different cultures and that has made people focus on our similarities rather than our differences. Furthermore, immigrants have contributed greatly to every sector of our economy, take for instance our trading with china, india, and latin america, we have amazing products from all over the world, we get to share and profit from each other. America is not just one culture, one race it is many cultures. We are all Americans regardless of where we came from, we all came for the opportunities that this great country has to offer.
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