Trace Stewart

In pursuit of cars

I am in pursuit of cars. I chose cars because they have a backstory and a past. Cars are interesting in different ways and you can get information about all sorts of things about cars or car companies. All car companies have a backstory of how they became a car brand or how they build cars. Cars have a lot of history behind them like for example, Bugatti is a French car brand that started in 1909. The Bugatti brand has been around for over 100 years and each car that we’re made has a story or a past. Another example, Lamborghini. Lamborghinis weren’t always cars, they were tractors too. In 1951 there was a tractor and the brand of the tractor was Lamborghini. Later on the company made their first car and it did really well in sales. So from there on they kept making cars and all of them did very well. But then one of the Lamborghini’s did not sell very well and they almost shut down. But somebody went in and changed that and worked on a new car. Once that new car was finished they sold it out and did very well. Then Lamborghini sold more cars and now they are still doing well. Cars also have gone through changes of how they looked from Being old and being how they are now. A Lot of old cars still sell to this day. It is interesting how far cars have come into being a garage creation and being to how they are now.
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