Emily Reichenstein

In Pursuit of Change by Savannah Orellana

“In Pursuit of Change.” represents the absolute horror in that immigrants who want to come to America and are caught are then put into cages and are dehumanized and treated with no care. I’ve chosen this topic because it is the absolute removal of human rights. Children are separated from their families for so long to the point that when they are reunited, they don’t even remember who their parents are. They aren’t given the time of day, if someone is sick, nothing is done to care for them, they aren’t even given a shower. Along with this fact, some children “go missing” when in reality they are being sold into sex trafficking rings, never to be seen again. Change must be made, ICE must be abolished for their ways of treatment and reformed into something better for the people who’ve suffered and are still suffering. -Savannah Orellana
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