Jessie McIntyre

“In Pursuit of What I Love” by Carter F.

Carter F. (he/him/his) 14 years old I am in pursuit of happiness through sports because when choosing my topic of happiness, I tried to think of what I enjoy doing most and when I thought of sports, it was the perfect fit. To explore my in pursuit topic, I chose the sport I love the most, which is soccer, but I didn’t take pictures of just the simple things, for example a soccer ball, and instead what I get out of the sport. I then chose to say what I said in this photo because the prize to me when I play soccer is the trophies and things that we win and then every weekend, our goal is to take home a trophy so we always have our eyes on it. To me, my art resembles my hard work and it shows that my work paid off which makes me happy to see. I chose this font and style because I think that it blended in nicely and I made the font color the same as the globe in the background so that it didn’t stand out too much. I decided to have no background in the photo so that I could focus specifically on the trophies because that was the point of the photo.
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