Lauren Karle

Is that what freedom looks like?

I am in pursuit of privacy, specifically from government surveillance. This issue is important to me because besides being a basic human right, privacy (for example being able to have a conversation without it being watched and recorded) is an integral part of democracy that we are not getting. It’s even more alarming because it’s an issue not often talked about and when it is, it’s often brushed off as something we can’t do anything about. The government spends copious amounts of resources spying on the very people it swears to protect. I chose the text because and it is a quote from Edward Snowden, a man who believes that the people should choose how much they are watched. The font gives it that secret document feel which makes sense considering most government surveillance is currently hidden from the public. I chose the picture because it is representative of america and it’s freedoms being closely watched by a constant unblinking eye.
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