LAGGARD FLAKES – Catching Up with Climate Action, Bite by Bite!”

Introducing "Laggard Flakes: Catching Up with Climate Action, Bite by Bite!".

In my artwork, 'Laggard Flakes,' I've taken the iconic Frosted Flakes cereal box and transformed it into a satirical representation, wherein humor and symbolism have been used to shed light on the urgent need for Kellogg's to embrace regenerative agriculture. The box, in shades of blue and green, symbolizes our Earth and the need for eco-conscious actions. At the top, melting ice serves as a stark reminder of the climate crisis we face due to conventional methods.

Tony, the tiger, wears a red scarf embodying adaptability and action. With a touch of humor, he exclaims, 'They're de-gr-r-rading' and 'Smells like Inaction,' shedding light on the urgency for change.
To add depth, I've incorporated impact metrics mimicking nutritional information, revealing the environmental toll of our choices.
The name 'Laggard Flakes' itself conveys the message – a playful twist on 'Frosted Flakes' to highlight Kellogg's lag in adopting regenerative practices.
This satirical representation is a reminder that we can't ignore the need for these sustainable practices any longer.
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