Brayden Thurman

LGBT innocence

This photograph encapsulates the struggle of living in a world created to work against you, as a member of the lgbt+ community. I am in pursuit of worldwide equality through human sympathy, because I am absolutely sick of the constant, inflexible homophobic force that surrounds mine and millions of others' existence. The hands represent different types of draining hate: holding the shoes represents people who stubbornly refuse to accept anything out of traditional gender norms. (They offer me more 'masculine' shoes in rebuttal to the high heels). The rock represents subtle attacks through rude comments and unthoughtful judgment, the knives represent violent homophobic extremists, and on the right represents people who pretend to accept but their deeply rooted hate holds them back. Each of the hands has its own cuts to signify that homophobia is a problem that incapacitates us ALL. I want this pointless hate to end- In the photo I reach down to bargain/ explain, to ask for acceptance, but I am swiftly cut by blind knives. We come into the world innocent, then become villainized by society when in reality, THEIR rich, deep hate pollutes the world, WE have NEVER been the problem.
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