Gemma Macht

LGBTQ+ awareness

I chose to make a poster about LGBTQ+ because so many people in this world don't believe, don't choose to understand, neglect, don't support the community, and that’s wrong. I believe this is wrong. Being LGBTQ+ doesn't mean you're less than; or “weird,” if you are LGBTQ+ it is just another way of expressing yourself. People that don't support the LGBTQ+ community are being very disrespectful and selfish. Awareness has to be spread about a lot of things, I believe that LGBTQ+ should be in the top 3. To believe in LGBTQ+ is to support that anyone can love anyone. If a man wants to marry another man, go for it. Many families don’t accept and don’t support their child coming out or in general LGBTQ+. People are constantly being harassed, bullied and so many other horrible acts for being gay, bisexual, or transgender, etc... This needs to stop, people are people; we need to unite and accept everyone all the time. The slogan is the picture has a deeper meaning than being LGBTQ+, the meaning is that even if you are gay, queer, have a disability, people shouldn't care; let a human be a human. To each his own means that's it's their personal preference, don't get involved if you don't like it but down let them carry sadness because of your opinion. Let a person express themselves however they feel. All people are equal.
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