Carissa Alcaraz


(Photo by infomatique, Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival 2012, Site: Creative Commons) Many people around the world are a part of the lgbtq+ community. Maybe even a cousin, or a sibling of yours. The unfortunate thing is, most of the time you wouldn’t even know. Many have not disclosed their sexual orientation or gender identity, and they have many reasons as to why. They might be scared, and frankly, they have every right to be. Parents have kicked their own children out of their residence once they came out to their parents as lgbtq+. Their very own children. This is just beyond irrational to me. How can you abandon your child that you birthed, nurtured, and raised merely because of the people they like or because they feel they were born in the wrong body. Although the world has made many advances for equality for lgbtq+ people and society’s perspective on the people of this community has definitely improved, the fight is far from over. There is still ongoing discrimination and inequality against the lgbtq+ community. Let us not forget when Trump, an extremely powerful person threatened the rights of the LGTBQ+ community. His power was so incredibly large that many were terrified and felt unsafe during those times. Let us not forget that people are being fired from their jobs, discriminated against, and becoming homeless for being lgbtq+. Let us not forget that lgbtq+ students are committing suicide at higher rates than their straight peers. Why? Why all of this injustice and immorality? Ask yourself this, and this is directed towards those of you who are homophobic, are you really going to treat people, children, humans, so harshly, so unfairly because they are lgbtq+? Because of their sexual orientation or what they identify as? Words can not describe how unfair this is, it’s not like we can choose who we love.
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