Pearle Macht

Love is Love

I Chose to make a poster about LGBTQ+ because the LGBTQ+ community is very important. People who are part of the LGBTQ+ community have lives too, they are people, and their life matters. So many people in our society have no respect or dignity for LGBTQ+ people, they don’t understand that they're people too and they are not any different from you. LGBTQ+ people get hated on everyday for being who they are, a good way to feel sympathy for them is to try put yourself in their shoes. The quote “Love has no gender” means that you can love whoever you are in love with. If your in love with someone as the same gender as yourself, then that’s perfect. If your in love with someone who doesn’t specify for a gender, or someone who loves both genders, then that’s also perfect. You can love whomever you want to and there shouldn’t be any debate about who you can be intimate with.
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