Jocelin Pacheco

Love Yourself

- Whatever body you have, you're beautiful. It’s all about self love. I think the most important thing before loving someone else is loving yourself first. Like how can you love someone else, when you can’t love yourself? You have to know that you are beautiful from inside and out. You are someone worth and not let anyone make you like if you were something little. You have to know that you are a queen and that you can do better. Whatever body you have, you’re perfect. With or without makeup, you still glow. If you like to show your body on social media, that doesn’t make you a hoe. It’s all about self-conference. The beautiful thing that you can wear is self- conference. Also you should not care about what others think about you, no like you do you. There’s always going to be someone talking bad about you and you should not care. Like, why should you care? You should know that you are someone amazing and beyond that. No one really understands that loving yourself is important.
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