Shiloh Burton

Love Yourself

Title: Love Yourself Name: Quang Dao Age: 17 (He/Him) This art was originally created by Mateus Lucene called “Depression” and I have permission to use it My artwork medium is a photo with text that is edited using lightroom and photoshop. The picture I used is from Creative Commons called “Depression” by Mateus Lucene. The text/slogan I chose is “Love Yourself”. I created this design in pursuit of ending violence and raising mental health awareness among adolescents in the United States and the world. The text/slogan I chose was with the intentions of offering comfort and healing to the young people that are persistently battling through the mental health issues in silence. Moreover, I created this design to raise awareness of the mental health issues, and hopefully urges people to learn more about the devastating impacts of mental illnesses on our young people and the society as a whole.
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