Nina Allen


1. OCEAN/OSHUN (MOTHER) 001, 2019 - 13.89 x 8.33 in Digital Collage using (AI + ID) Adobe Creative Suite. *1 of 3 [Interlude] “The shade of pinks developed is a representation of Blackness. It’s my skin, shield, and sacred aquatic garden. Is this deity (Yemoja) a reflection of self? ... ... I owe this art voyage to now. Reclaiming the lost voices & dreams of women in my family (three angels) who’ve become my muses. I sympathize with the countless sacrifices made. They are iconic statues for the future. Whale Cry ... Whalings (/ekōlōˈkāSH(ə)n/)." - NQA, CIRCLES (OOO). - Research Paper/Sonic Visual Poem
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