Jessie McIntyre

“One Simple Thing” by Maya C.

Maya C. (she/her/hers) 14 years old In the constantly changing reality we live in now, there’s no such thing as normal. While the world is at war with itself… we seldom realize what we all have in common. It can be seen through anything; anything that makes a person’s life even a little bit more complicated. As years go by, we want to worry less, but we worry more. We get so wrapped up in the crossing and winding paths of every road in our lives that we never take a moment to look at what we’re really searching for. An element of simpleness, painlessness, and even youthfulness in life is one that we all plead for, but often take for granted when it comes around. Simplicity in our world may never be fully existent, but when the opportunity comes up for us as individuals, we should take it and keep it in our grasp for as long as we possibly can. There’s a lot of hidden beauty in the rare things that never change.
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