Shane Xiong


My Pursuit topic is about finding one's own musical talents. For me my parents wanted me to play the piano so I was given lessons when I was very young. I wasn't that good when I started off even after 5 months of practice, so I thought it wasn't for me. Years later I met a friend from elementary school who played the piano. I noticed that he was actually really good and he told me he had been playing for 4 years straight. Soon after that, my parents bought a piano which is the one in the picture. I could remember that one night I stayed up really late just playing the piano and trying to learn this one song. My friend actually motivated me to play more and as I played more I noticed that I became better. A couple of months later I was at my church building and was playing some songs by myself in a room and a lot of people came in and complimented me on my piano skills. So for me, I just learned that when trying to find your own talent you won't be good at the start because you have to put in time and effort into it.
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