alejandra germann


My artwork is about being in pursuit of Immigrant rights and the right for them to be free and have a better future. I chose this theme because my family, friends, and ancestors are affected by this issue. They came to the US for a better life for them and their generations, not to be treated differently. My artwork represents what I am in pursuit of by showing a butterfly. Butterflies represent Dreamers which is an Immigration rights group. Butterflies represent how immigrants should be free and feel free to live a better life. I would like viewers of my artwork to know that I want a better life for people who came to this country, to have a better life for me and my family. Also for them to have peace. When people see my artwork they will think about justice and peace in immigrants' lives. How they should be free just like a butterfly. My artwork teaches people about issues immigrants go through to have a better life here in this country for their family. This is what my artwork is representing.
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