Jess Perry-Martin

Please Eat

I am in pursuit of loving your body and discarding the toxicity of diet culture that may eventually result in eating disorders. The message I intended on sending with this image was being grateful for basic necessities in life such as food and a functioning body. Though this may seem insensitive to people with eating disorders, I was rather going for applying the message to myself and my personal struggles. I myself don't have an eating disorder but at times when weight and body image are a huge concern for me, I often dwell on the things that everyone should be thankful for: accessible food and a healthy body. Not everyone has these things and I'm lucky enough to be born with these privileges. I wanted my image and my text to look rather dark in order for it to convey the struggle of even looking at food. I intended on editing it so that others would understand the difficult process that those with eating disorders undergo when having an unhealthy relationship with food. Because these people look at food in an abnormal sense, my edited image may depict their thought processes during eating. I hope people understand that eating disorders and disordered eating are problems that affect many teens in this day in age. Health—physical, mental, and emotional—are all very important things that people tend to overlook. No "beautiful body" or "goal weight" will compensate for bad health.
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