Oliver Clark

Power Over People

I chose this photo because I wanted to get a feeling for the people. I wanted a picture that would be a good pick to send a message specifically about others. I know that there are always people volunteering, donating, or helping the poor and needy people. But I never hear of anyone who has really risen out of that poverty, it seems that they have no power in the world. They have no voice, no way to act, and it doesn’t seem that anyone helps them enough. From the government, to regular people, it seems to go with that idea of power over people. There has always been people in poverty, for centuries, the serfs and farmworkers to fief rulers, across the world. If there was not greed for power and money over everyone else, the world wouldn’t be that way. But it is, and we need to work to help everyone. No one should be left to suffer, to starve, to barely make it through each day. That is why I chose this photo, so that I might help bring awareness through it.
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