Natalia Canela

Protect Black Lives

The Black Lives Matter movement was created with the intention of standing up for the rights of Black people who were wrongfully targeted, harmed, and killed by the police. People of color continue to be suppressed by society even today in 2020. People are using their freedom of speech and protesting for the many lives wrongfully lost due to simply being targeted because of the color of their skin. Racial disscrimnation has been America’s greatest misfortune for far too long. In May, 2020 George Floyd, an african american was wrongfully murdered by a police officer. This event was filmed and caused outrage all over America. Many took to the streets to protest and bring justice to George and his family. Because Floyd was a black man, he was murdered and now a daughter is left without a father, all because he was targeted because of the color of his skin. The racism and suppression has been normalized towards Black People for far too long and it needs to change. We must protect Black Lives because we need them.
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