Kira Fogarty


I recently heard a news story about a project where a group of people travels around the world recording the trash they find. I was inspired by the project and went for a short walk along the waterfront in Hood River, Oregon. Within the small distance I covered, I photographed all kinds of trash: bottle caps, plastic bags snagged in trees, a snickers bar wrapper, a subway cup, a smashed coca-cola bottle. The range of trash I found was appalling. Bottles and packaging that never goes away and will remain floating in oceans, caught in trees, inside of all of our bodies, and as micro trash covering the earth. Sustainability is important if the earth is to remain inhabitable in the future. Using recyclable materials is one thing, but making sure they are recycled is the important step. We need to use earth-friendly packaging and materials, stop littering, and become more aware of our footprint.
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