Aleia Ali

Save our plants, Save our Planet

This image represents the beauty of life and also to appreciate the small things in it. This image also represents the damage that is being done everyday to living things just like the one in the image. Deforestation, a major issue that needs to be taken care of, plants are living things and we all need to respect them. Plants do so many things for us, they help provide oxygen, shade, food, medicine, products and so much more and what do so many humans do in return? Kill them, lots of them, TOO MANY of them. We Need to find a way where we can all live as One on this planet of ours. It really is sad. This little plant could be in pursuit of growing into a strong tree that can provide fruit for humans and animals or becoming a home for an animal or providing shade for the home of some human or becoming the discovery to a medicine that can cure an awful disease! I am in pursuit of helping to stop big environmental problems like this, we only have one planet and we should take care of it and all the living things on it.
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