Pearle Macht

Save this World

I Chose to make a poster about the environment. This poster shows that there is no other planet yet, that humans can sustain on. Animals, plants and even ourselves depend on the choice’s of humans. In the long run having our planet be healthy and nurtured is way more important than other topics because it holds humans with mother Earth. Nothing would exist without Earth, and with the planet dying, we are too. This Earth also carries animals, plants and many other living organisms, humans need all the other living creatures in our life to survive. Without Earth humans wouldn’t survive. For example, we need animals for food and plants for oxygen. Many animals are going extinct due to climate change, global warming, methane and much more. For an example, Polar bears are slowly going extinct because of global warming, their ice caps and cold weather is melting and warming up. Koalas are labeled vulnerable to extinction, which is right above endangered, koalas are soon to be extinct. If and when koalas go extinct, it would mess the food chain up which would lead to the butterfly effect of killing many other species. All in all if the planet is dying and so are the animals.
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