zalia barnett

See The Bigger Picture

Why are LGBTQ+ rights important? Well, LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. They are the right to live as a person in everyday life. Why are people's right to have kids, marry, or even live is a debate, when they did nothing wrong. There is no reason for a person's rights in question. People are still getting killed just for changing there gender or kiling the same sex. People are still wanting LGBTQ+ people to go to jail. People are still getting put in jail for being trans or gay, and they are not getting justice. Uganda was trying to pass a law to give gay and trans people the death penalty just last year. There is a violence problem against LGBTQ people in Africa and no one is talking about it. Places in Africa still have laws that put LGBTQ people in jail. The reason I picked this picture to edit is because of the murders of trans people in 2020 and the murders of black trans women. From what i have read over 30 trans people have been murdered in 2020 and the year isn't even over yet. These people need justice. The hate should be over, loving someone and being a different gender is not a sickness. We are not crazy. The message I'm trying to send with this picture is that my and many other peoples lives matter. The colors show how big the picture is and that they are tired of the hate. And that we are tired of being mistreated. And more people are listening to us. Stop the hate. Stop the Crime. Start the peace.
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