Cesar Barajas

The Epidemic No One Talks About

In 2020, the world was met with a pandemic, the Coronavirus. However, before and during this, another epidemic has made its presence felt in Los Angeles. This epidemic is known as homelessness. Gentrification, unequal wealth distribution among different neighborhoods, and the lack of help for those struggling with mental health have caused them to be engulfed with homeless people. Echo Park in Central Los Angeles is the perfect representation of this. It is promoted as the perfect location to relax and have a date with the Echo Park Swan Boats are a big attraction. However, when taking pictures of the park, they take from certain spots to avoid showing the ridiculous number of homeless people who live there. Half of the park is covered with tents. Los Angeles feeds tourists a lie that it is the magical city portrayed in the movies. However, its residents know the truth. It is a city telling those struggling financially that they do not care enough about them to assist them. The city cares more about rich residents and creating revenue. It has sucked the life out of struggling minority communities. It has caused Los Angeles to inhabit the second most homeless in the country. Awareness and aid need to be brought to those who have been hit the strongest by the homeless epidemic. If we continue to ignore this, then the City of Angels should now be known as the City of Demons.
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