Zachary Morrison-Ruiz

The Fight For Equality

Black Lives Matter is a moment to show people that racial inequality still exists and we as a society must unite to fight towards racial equality. People with lighter skin have mistreated blacks for thousands of years believing that they were more superior based on their lighter complexion. We have fought wars and held protests for decades to earn the rights and freedoms that white people have, yet black people are still being treated differently even in 2020. Police brutality is also a huge factor that goes into this. Statistics show that black people are significantly more likely to die due to police brutality simply because of their race. Even if a black person isn’t armed, they are more inclined to be suspected for things they never did. Stephone Clack in 2018 was shot over 20 times because someone called the cops on him thinking he had a gun when in reality he just had a phone. We have to stand together as a whole and stand up to this prejudice that our black siblings are facing today. Although we can’t bring back the people who’ve died, we should always honor them by saying their names and stories.
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