Camryn Dolmage

The Hidden Truth

There are so many thing happening in the world that we are being turned away from. Things are being hidden and covered up from us that shouldn’t be. As humans we have a right to know what’s happening in our world right now so that if we don’t agree with it we can try to change it. Muslims are being held in concentration camps in China , people are being killed and no one is talking about it. Children and families are in cages and everyone goes on with their day like it’s normal. Innocent black lives are violently being taken and covered up from the public. Women are being murdered and yet no one recognizes it. But why is no one talking about it? Why do people cover up the truth about the reality of what’s happening? The innocent lives that have been taken don’t deserve to be covered up and left to be undiscovered. This needs to be talked about and stopped...how many more lives have to be taken for people to realize that?
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