Kayley Thompson

The Outside.

Throughout 2020, we've been stuck inside because of quarantine caused by Covid-19, because of this we are now detached from the outside. In this piece, you can see how the background is starting to blur and the color is starting to fade, while the blinds, hand, and word is sharp. I decided to do this because it shows that the inside of our houses is sharp, and the outside feels like a past memory that you can't describe with too much detail. Another thing I did with this is I put my hand on the blinds to show that we are sick of being inside, and we just want to reunite with others and nature, and that we yearn for the connection. The reason I used the word detached is because, we've been stuck inside so long that now we feel so disconnected from everything that we don't feel that connection anymore. I darked the corners of the image to make it seem like you are looking through the eyes of someone who is going through this hard time, and just wants to get out. I did this piece because I miss being outside, I miss my friends, and the people I love. I feel detached from everything, especially myself. And this piece shows why, and how.
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