paige montesano

The Pursuit of Education

We live in a world where all kids have the right to public free education, but what are they being taught? Lower grade levels in public school tend to focus on math, English, and Language Arts, but not history. This is because the state test is heavily based on subjects other than history. Most children are beginning to learn the basic history information when they’re older. This issue has come to many different parents' concerns. Even when these children are taught history, they’re learning only about the major figure. Instead of diving deeper on these topics, they lightly touch the surface. The reason for this is because the curriculum is afraid to teach children about difficult topics, such as racism, because they are scared of complaints. Instead of addressing these major issues, they skip over them as if they never happened. Instead of erasing these topics, we need to embrace them because you can’t change the past, but you can change the future.
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