Emily Reichenstein

The Quarantine Times by Kairy Ancheta

So, what does my image represent, and why is it important? My image is a representation about a magazine that talks about how we are currently living our lives in a global pandemic and the point of view of a kid/teenager. Everyone is being affected in many different ways. It’s important to understand what’s going on around you and how you can help your community and yourself through these tough times. My image not only shows myself wearing a mask but it also shares a message on my mask, in which I hope I can connect with the viewer of my image. The image also shows hashtags which are trending on social medias, which have been a huge part during Covid-19. On the image it also has the words STAY HOME which lately have been everywhere. Lastly, I would like to say to stay safe, protect yourself and others, and to wear a mask whenever you are outside! Also, we can’t forget about the hand sanitizer. I hope everyone enjoys my image! Thank you, & stay safe! :) <3 -Kairy Ancheta
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